Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beloved #4

I feel like Sethe was overlooking a lot of good things in her life after the spirit left. She had Denver who would have really benefited from more attention. Also she had Paul D. I think she was trying to dwell in the past to much. The past is there for us to learn from. I think we should always remember the past but not focus to much on it because then your focus is taken off the future. The future is the most important part not what happened in the past. The past can only guide our decisions in the future. I have learned the hard way of focusing too much on the past and it can really cloud your decisions.


Beloved #3

While I was reading some analysis on this book it is said that Beloved may be the spirit of Sethe's dead baby, or the spirit of Sethe's mother, or even of all the past slaves. As you read to the end you see that even Denver thought Beloved was more than just the spirit of her dead sister. I wonder myself as I read the book. The spirit may have been a little bit of all them at different times in the book or maybe no one really understood the spirit really except for Sethe.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beloved #2

I think that brutality and slavery go hand in hand, not just in this book but when you talk about slavery period. We see from the very beginning when Sethe talks about the scars on her that form a tree, and she also focuses on the fact that they took her milk. Which is just one part of all the brutality the characters go through. The characters have been through so much that they have a hard time loving people or having fun. Paul D says he has learned to only love people partially. And Denver almost had a hard time having fun at the carnival. These characters not only have to go through horrible, brutal, events and they also can't do the everyday things a person should want and be able to do.


Beloved #1

Obviously from the very beginning we see the supernatural happening. The ghost of Sethe's baby is haunted the house. I wonder why the ghost seems to be angry. The baby was killed in a bad way, but when I think of the ghost of a baby I don't think eerie and angry. Even Paul D fills the bad spirit as soon as he walked in. I guess as a mother even though the spirit is gloomy you would want to stay in the house because it is supposed to be the spirit of the dead baby. I don't think I would want to stay though especially since it was affecting the other children. She already lost two sons because of the spirit. Although Sethe did say that she did not want to run from anything else.